Was the first dinner I ever served. I was 6 and it was my parent's anniversary. With obvious limitations of cash and ability, I maintained a determination to create a lit celebration. This desire: to turn nothing into something and deliver despite obstacles -- was a learned mentality. I attribute this outlook to 2 early constants in life: the kitchen that raised me and the music played through my headphones.

Born in South Korea, as a baby I came to America and was adopted by a Sicilian/Irish family. From a very young age, it was food that helped me connect with my culture and hip hop that made me feel fine about being different. Food and hip hop would remain my OG loves for life. Burning mixtapes for friends, serving up hot plates in dorms, house party playlists, DatPiff and Hip Hop Early. 

Much to my delight, I have been able to continue working with these OG loves all these years. From event planning on yachts to vendor management for the premier LES street food conglomerate. That scrappy, hustle mentality has resulted in securing sponsorship deals with brands like Nike and Honest Tea and placing culture projects with press outlets like MTV, Huffington Post Music, and Mashable. 

Today, it's a real opportunity to build this dream and share it with you. A dream that can connect people and help us see things differently - stories about tradition, culture, memory, experience, feeling, and identity. Nothing is more dope than having a unique passion that you can share with others. If you'd like to pitch collaborations, creative projects, or new ideas, link up with me (fill out the contact form!).