FEATURE: Freestyle Craft Cocktails WITH STANDARD SPOON

Standard Spoon is a San Diego based startup offers legit bar tools for the discerning bartender and cocktail enthusiast. Founded in 2014 by duo Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva, also-known-as Work of My Hands, they are dedicated to creating quality, functional, well-designed products. They are scrappy and match our hustle mentality for being on Kickstarter not once but twice, getting successful backing each time. 

They offer two beautifully-made cocktail spoons: The Aero and The Wingman. In addition to their sleek and sophisticated mixing spoons, they offer products like the Maple Muddler, King Ice Cube Trays, and Home Bar Basics for a house party even Meek and Young Chris would stop by. You can shop all their products here.

Right now, The Gravy has teamed up with Standard Spoon to offer a product promo on their behalf. Use the code: GOODDRANK for 15% off their cocktail and bar tool products. It's good from today until January 9, 2017. 


Susanna Arntzz