FEATURE: The Top Ice Cream Shops Right Now in Raekwon's Hometown

On this day in hip hop, Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan was born in 1970 in Staten Island, NYC. His song, Ice Cream featuring Method Man, is one of our favorite classics. Raekwon has associated acts with some of our greatest legends including J Dilla, Nas, and Mobb Deep. To celebrate this rapper's birthday, we bring you the top ice cream shops right now in his hometown. Enjoy!

  1. Oddfellows
    Neighborhood: East Village, Williamsburg
    Flavor Picks: Miso Cherry, Manchego Pineapple Thyme
    Vibe: Creative and whimsical, fresh and evolving-- it’s got a classic shop vibe with a worldly twist. They created the branded hashtag: #errybodylovesicecream

  2. 10Below Ice Cream
    Neighborhood: Lower East Side, Flushing, Chinatown, East Village
    Flavor Picks: Honey Boo Boo, Strawberry Shawty
    Vibe: The city’s first made-to-order, thai-inspired ice cream roll vendor. Roll Up. Roll Out. Roll Together.

  3. Davey's Ice Cream
    Neighborhood: East Village, Williamsburg
    Flavor Picks: Whopcorn
    Vibe: Everything done in-house, real recognize real, retro-style with a thing for sundaes.

  4. Ice and Vice
    Neighborhood: Lower East Side
    Flavor Picks: Basic B, 9AM, Happy Panda
    Vibe: Experimental, scrappy, bold and straightforward - Brooklyn Night Bazaar favorite turned brick and mortar.

  5. Soft Swerve
    Neighborhood: Lower East Side
    Flavor Picks: Ube, Black Sesame
    Vibe: Fun, light, sweet -- soft serve and floats shop where the purple soft serve steals the spotlight

Susanna Arntzz