On January 15, 1994, influential west-coast rapper, Snoop Dogg, put out his second single "Gin and Juice" (produced by Dr. Dre). Peaking at number 8, it reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. It also went Gold selling 700,000 copies and was nominated for the 1995 Grammy’s for Best Rap Solo Performance. VH1 recognized the G-funk track on their list of 100 Greatest Hip Hop songs and has been covered by diverse music artists from alternative country to indie rock genres.

Over the last two decades since the release of the song, gin and gin-cocktails have been on the rise in popularity. Success of speakeasies, prohibition-style bars, and the rise of craft cocktail making at home and in professional mixology are all factors that have elevated and celebrated the refreshing and crisp spirit of gin. Have you seen this awesome lil homemade gin kit? I’ve seen it on shelves of the coolest shops around New York including Clove & Creek.


So in honor of gin and Snoop and craft cocktails and Dre, here are some of our favorite gin and juice cocktail recipes. These vibrant drinks will keep you feelin’ laid back with your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

Hendrick's + Blood Orange 
From Vegetarian Ventures

Gin And Juice Fizz
From Almost Makes Perfect

Apple + Pear + Gin
From Naturally Ella

The Concord Grape Negroni
From Maegan Delgrande

Grapefruit Vanilla Thyme Fizz
From Craft + Cocktails

Susanna Arntzz