B.I.G. moves from Inspired Brews in the city of Brotherly Love

The city of brotherly love has been known to introduce us to an icon or two: the Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff, and Rocky Balboa. Philly icons are a real reflection of the vibrant culture and attitude of the people who live in it: it’s raw, it’s inspired, and it’s the real deal when you come this way. Interestingly enough my latest Philly obsession is not on-screen or on-stage but under a cap. It’s Inspired Brews Kombucha. You may have seen glass bottles of Inspired Brews homed at some of the most lovely cafes and markets in town including One Shot Cafe, Talula’s Daily, Tela’s Market and Whole Foods -- (On Draft)!

Jessa Stevens has been making small batch kombucha and teaching her hustle with kombucha-making classes here in Philadelphia for the past few years. She works out of the Inspired Brews Fermentary on the corner of 3rd and Vine in Olde City and shares the space with Juice Company, Stripp’d owned and operated by Khoran Horn.

Inspired Brews Kombucha is brewed in glass barrels, using organic green and black teas, organic cane sugar, and unique, seasonal ingredients. It’s got a delicate carbonation to it and is refreshingly tart. It’s 100% raw and 100% inspired. They hand-filter their product into kegs and individual bottles making its consistency super smooth and approachable. They enjoy brewing with a handcrafted, small batch approach so that they can try out interesting and distinctive flavors and blends to share with their communities. Their mission is to work within local communities to develop and share more thoughtful, engaged approaches to growing, buying cooking, and ultimately enjoying our food. And they are doin’ it well.

Like anything amazing, Inspired Brews has quickly been expanding around Philly. They’re in 75 locations and growing. When we caught word of this, we decided to approach Inspired Brews about creating some unique, lyrically-inspired flavors. We came out with 4 and we are sharing them below.

For hometown glory: The Roots
What’s Inside: Beet, Carrot, Ginger, Sweet Potato, Maple Syrup

For a bold statement: All Black Everything
What’s Inside: Blackberry, Activated Charcoal, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Black Peppercorn, Molasses.

For a stylish showdown: All Gold Everything
What’s Inside: Golden Pineapple, Yams, Golden Delicious Apples, Honey, Turmeric, Ginger

And finally, to give new music some love and appreciation, this inspired Kid Cudi blend: Rose Golden.
What’s Inside: Rose, Golden Pineapple, Golden Raisins, Raspberry.

We love this kombucha, the vibe of this company, the mission they stand for, and this beautiful, vibrant city. To learn more about Inspired Brews and sign up for kombucha making workshops and more, visit the website here or follow their journey here.

Susanna Arntzz