"Time to save the world,
where in the world is all the time?"
-Erykah Badu

Didn't Cha Know?

It's about time. How do we make the most of our time? Creating good stuff and sharing it with people who believe in it. That's what The Fat Radish restaurateur, Phil Winser and former Burger King executive Felipe Hallot are doing for NY natives. The dynamic duo created and launched TYME food this past summer and has been busy getting the word out ever since. TYME food brings us pre-packed, single servings of healthy goodness in a resealable plastic jar that can hold up with the day. Just like their product, their brand's mission is packed with goodness. While it's a huge undertaking, we are confident TYME is already solving many of our daily problems with every jar sold.

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Breaking through in one of the busiest cities in the world is difficult. How do you reach NY natives with words people throw around and have judgements on like FAST FOOD and VEGAN. How do you make food, in general, culturally relevant again but in a new and different way? And how do you bring together "dirty" words like FAST FOOD and VEGAN and present one clear solution that people did not know was even an option that existed? TYME is looking into all these things and making it happen regardless of the challenges. 

Food That Sways With You.

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Running to catch the F train. Juggling your work bag, workout bag, and random other bag (#BagLady). Carving out a 7 minute lunch between working meetings. Grabbing a prime window seat on the train out to the burbs. For NY natives, the struggle is real.

Understanding the average New Yorker's struggle, TYME seeks to create a better option for the average on-the-go person in the city. They've created easy to read, delightfully designed packaging that's stripped down to the essentials and resealable when it's on to the next - big thing of the day. TYME also has been strategic in finding itself within locations close to where people already are. Now, they offer direct delivery and home delivery, too. One less thing on your plate. 


Real, Only.


Real recognize real. For real people with real lives there is finally a product that keeps it real, too. No additives. No preservatives. No chemicals. No bad stuff. Just the best quality produce available.

It's real good for you, too. TYME has recreated and reinvented vegan options to be fun, creative, and tasty. Picking up a jar is a perfect way to help boost health and wellness even in the busiest of weeks.  


You Got Me. 

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Today, we live in a world where transparency about what we are putting into our bodies is constantly topic of discussion. With more mass production of food than ever before in our lifetimes, we are asking more questions and wanting to know more about what we consume and who is making decisions behind what we consume.

If you were worried bout where your food was or has been or who it saw -- look no further than TYME food. The passion for transparency goes directly into the jars and the topic of trust is a top priority (literally). They have created an easy-to-read, at-a-glance visual of your daily recommended values and what you are getting from each TYME jar. They've got us.


On & On. 

We could easily go on & on about why we love what TYME is bringing to the city that never sleeps. Finally, an on-the-move food option to feel good about. Ready to try some TYME out? Get 15% OFF with promo code: GRAVYTYME at checkout. 

Susanna Arntzz