Eddie Huang Petitions Future Sing National Anthem at Seahawks Falcons Playoff Game

Eddie Huang, owner of Baohaus and writer for ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, has taken to social media to petition rapper Future sing the National Anthem at the Seahawks Falcons playoff game this Saturday, January 14 at 4:30PM EST.

He explains on his petition page why he doesn’t have love for Russell Wilson, citing that he is a "chilly pimp” and reminds Eddie of “Eriq LaSalle's character, Darryl Jenks, the heir to the Soul Glo empire in Coming to America." He also reminds us that Future was once not only dating but engaged to Russell's current wife, 1-2 Step star, Ciara.

It's Eddie's belief that "if Future sings the national anthem, Russell Wilson, the Seahawks, and Soul Glo will all take Ls". Can you imagine a more awkward way to set off this crucial playoff game? Eddie also points to the bigger picture -- beyond Sunday Night Football screens. He points out, "this would be great for humanity but especially America, which we all know is going through a very tough time right now", touching on the fact that this would also be a great move for society and culture beyond all that other drama.

If you can get behind this dope cause, you can sign the petition here.

We commend Eddie for bringing us the best in baozi eats on the Lower East Side, a bold glimpse inside Asian-American culture, and pushing super original content via Viceland’s Huang’s World and his vibrant social media accounts.. It's not every day that you find someone so multi-talented that can use humor and honesty to talk about culture, lifestyle, and the state of what we are living in. The only other person who comes to mind is -- Childish Gambino. Who we also want to shout out for his recent Golden Globes award for Best Actor in a TV Series (“Atlanta”) as well as making moves in hip hop and beyond. Stay Wavy, Eddie and Donald G.

Susanna Arntzz