Champagne Showers

From Big Poppa to @ChampagnePapi, the bubbly has remained iconic throughout hip hop culture over the years. If there was any (reasonable) doubt of just how important champagne was to the artists, Jay Z cleared the air once and for all. In November of 2014, headlines of business and entertainment alike flooded in regards to Jay Z's deal with Armand De Brignac aka Ace of Spades aka Gold Bottles. But for the true fans, while the deal was news the story wasn't new at all. It all started back in '06, when Frederic Rouzaud of Cristal made an unsavory comment about rappers enjoying and even more so name-dropping left and right (great, free branding). He represented the brand and alluded that he wasn't having it -- but neither was Jay. 

Jay then called for a boycott on the brand and took his point to the furthest when he bought up Ace of Spades. Now THIS moment was a serious one to celebrate with gold bottles. :D You can read the full story here. While Jay Z may have claimed the most serious stake in the champagne game, he's certainly not alone. 

As we ring in the new year, we put together this list of champagne mentions among artists as they pick their poison, bar by bar:

Veuve Clicquot

Wiz Khalifa
Black & Yellow, Never Been, Top Floor, Bout me, Name on a Cloud

A$AP Rocky

G Eazy
Say So

Jim Jones
Pop Champagne

Walk These Streets

Made You Look (Remix)


Snoop Dogg
 Pimp Slapp'd

Represent, Reach Out

Juicy, Big Poppa, Everyday Struggle

Jay Z
Feelin It

Got That Work

Big L
Put it On

All Eyez On me


50 cent
Happy New Year

Dr. Dre
Been there, done that

Eric B & Rakim
As the Rhyme Goes On

Lil Wayne
She Will


Big Sean
Burn, Guap, My Last

Drop it like its Hot

Jay Z
Brooklyn's Finest


50 cent
Crack a Bottle

Gucci Mane
Stand 4 It

I get down like that

Dom Perignon

Kendrick Lamar
Blow My High

2 Chainz
Mindin My Business

Big Sean
Light It Up

Travis Porter

Ace of Spades

Jay Z
On to the Next One

Young Thug

Big Sean

Future & The Weeknd
Low Life


Rick Ross
No Games

AB Soul
Just Have Fun

DJ Khaled
I feel like Pac, I feel like Biggie

Black Bottles


Susanna Arntzz