Who's Real? Who's Not? 10 Foods That Are Frauds


This is a list of 10 foods that don't keep it real
and what you need to know because of it.
As Nicki Minaj puts it: "I don't need no frauds." 

Breakfast Syrup: Most commercial versions of breakfast syrup are comprised of two types of corn syrup along with lots of artificial additives and zero nutritious value (First things first, rest in peace Aunt Jemima #norolemodelz). When your shopping for your weekend brunch, try to avoid the colored corn syrup and go for a bottle that reads "100% pure maple syrup". It will only have one ingredient. And that nutritious value you get for going au naturale? Nutrients like zinc which support your immune system. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances" -Kendrick

EVOO: Most bottles of EVOO are fakes and "this is one of the most pervasive Fake Foods in America." The big problem is that they're often stripped of all that good stuff and replaced with dangerous substitutions. Brands get around using the pure stuff which is loaded with healthy fats, and dilute it with cheaper oils like peanut and soybean - which is really problematic for those who have severe allergic reactions to this two things. SMH. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "Beefin' over money that can sour an alliance - Infused EVOO, sitting in the cabinet" -Action

Parmesan Cheese: The real deal is a pricy delicacy all the way from Parma, Italy. A recent study done by the FDA found that products labeled in the US as "100% Parmesan" are often cut with cheaper cheese or even wood pulp (that's rough!). Experts suggest keeping an eye out for the the "Made in Italy" stamp/sticker if you want the realest. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "Parmesan where my accountant lives; in fact, I'm downin’ this" -Kendrick

Bacon Bits: So you know that favorite fatty pork product that's at the salad bar area? Most of these bacon bits are technically vegan (This is a PSA)! These crispy salad toppers are made of artificially flavored soy flour and other ingredients like caramel coloring, maltodextrin, yeast extract and disodium inosinate. Depending on who you are, this could be a pleasant surprise--maybe. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "Anxious when the bacon on the table, I need a muzzle" -Ab-Soul

Kobe Beef: "The money is the motive. F With the money, it get ugly as coyote." Here's the problem. The import of Japanese beef was banned in the U.S. for along time. While the ban has been lifted, there are currently only 8 restaurants in the U.S. that carry Kobe Beef. So if you reached for a fancy kobe slider at a ballin' event, odds are pretty high you ate a fake.
Favorite Lyric Reference: "She ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O'Neal" -Ghostface

Crabmeat: Now, it's pretty common knowledge that the crabmeat in sushi is in fact imitation crab. But did you know it's called kamaboko and it's a processed seafood made of pulverized white fish flesh paste? Nothing really sounds very appetizing when it's put that way. The paste is frozen, shaved into flakes, ground with egg whites, starch, and crab-like flavorings. But then artificially colored. So next time you think you're staying fresh by grabbing a few rolls of sushi -- just be mindful of what you grab. Stick with salmon and yellowfin tuna - and you'll be on a roll. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "It was never no beef, it was crabmeat" -Cassidy

Honey: This "natural" sweetener needs Warren G to regulate. Right now, there are no standards in place to determine what actually qualifies as "honey". This loophole allows places to sell honey diluted with cheap sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup (GASP!) which you were probably trying to avoid in the first place. Some honeys even contain illegal antibiotics and get no penalty for deception. Your best bet? It's real work but tend to your own bees at home (or buy local) and you'll be buzzin' buzzin' buzzin'.
Favorite Lyric Reference: "Funny how honey ain't sweet like sugar" -Drake

Wasabi: Traditional Japanese wasabi is grated fresh and can cost up to $100 per pound. To save money on COGS (cost of goods), restaurants all over serve a substitute that is mustard, horseradish, and green food coloring. And when I say all over, I mean 95-99% of American sushi joints according to the Washington Post. Luckily, both horseradish and wasabi offer antibacterial health benefits. Aside from the artificial coloring and some artificial flavors, this is ironically one of the mildest cases of food fraudulence on this entire list. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "I'm stuntin' on everybody, hella raw, pass the wasabi" -Macklemore

Veggie Burgers: While a veggie burger sounds like the healthier move over a medium-rare burger, it has it's own vices. "Mask off." Most veggie burgers masked as meats are usually made of few (if any) vegetables. Lame sauce. Instead, they are filled with over-processed ingredients, including wheat gluten, soy, and vegetable oil. A report recently found that some patties contain hexane, a potentially toxic by-product of gasoline refining (ESSH). Lots of veggie burgers are packed with sodium (as much as 400-plus milligrams—more sodium than a single-serving bag of potato chips—per patty). Good at being bad -- like the Wale song. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "When I met this cat, he was eatin' veggie burgers." -N.O.R.E.

Truffle Oil: Unfortunately most truffle oil is not real. The real deal is harvested by pigs in Alba and many chefs have come to realize the cheap chemical cocktail is a much better choice economically. While this is well known in the restaurant industry, it's also well kept from it's consumers. 
Favorite Lyric Reference: "With the truffle oil, hustle boy" -Kool & Kass





Susanna Arntzz