Brunch State of Mind

New York artist, French Montana, has a song called “State of Mind” which opens by
talking about how many people like to get away from the city and take flights to Miami or
California. But for him, he likes to take a ride by the Hudson because he forever represents
having the New York State of Mind.


Similarly, we found a Brunch State of Mind at Hudson Table. When Hudson Table opened in
2014, they really added some flavor and heat to Hoboken’s social scene. The unique,
professional cooking studio, located on 1403 Clinton Street, offers daily cooking classes that
appeal to a variety of different levels from beginning to advanced. When you walk in it feels
like you are in an amazingly inspiring place. Well set up, massive windows from floor to
selling, and a beautiful open kitchen to work in. And...everything is BYOB! It was a nice way
to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and fall in love (again) with the simple
things like cooking, conversing with new friends, and celebrating the beauty and work that
goes into really amazing food.


As for us, we opted in for an "easy like Sunday morning" brunch featuring:

● Creme Brulee French Toast
● Frisee Salad, Poached Eggs, Duck Confit, Bacon Lardons
● Popovers and Raspberry Butter

After getting welcomed in and donning our aprons, we were given an awesome introduction
over fruit salad, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Chef Alex kicked off the class with
a brief overview of everything we would be tackling for the day, a friendly ice breaker to get
to know all the cooks in the kitchen, and a really informative knife safety and technique
overview. During the course of this cooking class, knife handling was minimal - but I really
appreciated Chef Alex going over the way to hold and handle a knife and how to let it do
most of the work for you. The tips we got from Chef Alex are ideas we can then take with us
into the kitchen after the class and beyond.


All in all, we highly recommend this experience to anyone - beginner or advanced - who has
an appreciation for food, cooking, and dining. We also extend this idea to those who may not
be self-proclaimed foodies but are looking for a new adventure or some new experience to
try. The classes have the potential to create a foodie in you.


*Special thanks to Allen for arranging such a marvelous event, Chef Alex and the entire
Hudson Table team for an unforgettable cooking experience.

Susanna Arntzz