We sat down with the cofounder of Repurposed Pod Cacao Juice, Kayla, to hear more about what they do and their driving passions. We believe the best punchlines and wordplay - whether in a hip hop lyric or in a business model - is one that accomplishes more than one thing at once. Get to know Kayla and Robert and how they are changing the world for better with their very special cacao juice. This is their “Pulp Non-Fiction” story.

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Respect for Wellness

In 2014, Kayla and Robert were hanging out on their partner’s farm in Ecuador, they realized how much goodness was inside cacao pods. Beyond just the rich and famous cacao beans that bring us chocolate, is this sticky-sweet yummy pulp filled with nutrients. This pulp envelopes the beans inside of each cacao pod. Not only is this tasty pulp often wasted, but it is filled with superfood qualities and nutrients. Recently, researchers are finding more and more health benefits for eating this superfood ranging from heart health to improved brain function and reducing cholesterol. This amazing finding allowed for the dream of Repurposed Pod to come to life. This is the cacao fruit’s lesser told story and what Kayla and Robert are doing to make sure no good thing goes wasted.


Respect the Process

The cacao juice itself is bright, bold, and naturally sweet. But how do we get this amazing juice? Repurposed pod remixed a 3,000 year old process to bring cacao fruit to life for the first time as an all-natural 100% fruit juice. They start by carefully removing fruits from the trees and hand-slicing the fruits open with machetes. Next, farmers scoop out the beans and the pulp and separate the two. While the beans are sent away to become chocolate the pulp remains. Repurposed Pod takes the highest quality pulp and presses it into juicy goodness.


Respect for Livelihood

Their mission is founded on a people first mentality and they are proud to provide economic sustainability for cacao farmers and to improve their livelihoods one bottle at a time. Repurposed Pod is sustainable, ethically sourced, supports farmers and adheres to agricultural practices that are beneficial to the environment. Kayla and Robert saw the opportunity to introduce the world to the nutrient-rich fruity white pulp of the cacao pod while also helping to improve the lives of cacao farmers. They partnered with an Ecuadorian farmer and together they redesigned a 3,000-year-old process to bring cacao fruit to life for the first time as an all-natural 100% virgin fruit juice. The juice is flash-pasteurized right on the farm to preserve that fresh-off-the-tree taste. Repurposing this cacao pulp has boosted the total revenue per hectare of land for the farmer, which in turn allows farmers and their families to thrive. Kayla and Robert have created a movement. Cacao is no longer synonymous with chocolate because now it’s a healthy fruit juice, too.


Respect for Our World  

On a sustainable level, they creatively repurpose the earth’s resources to avoid waste and benefit farmers. They represent a manta for the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are so serious about this mission, that they named their company after another relevant “R” word: repurposed! We love how Repurposed Pod is taking their imagination and super dope design and approaching our health and our world in a new and exciting way. The strong agricultural practices they dedicate their lives to are driven to reduce the use of chemicals and conserve water.

Off his latest album, Kendrick Lamar says, “I can feel it, the dream is more than process.” When it comes to Repurposed Pod, we agree. These awesome people are working hard to create something new and good for us. The dream is more than just their process - it’s everything.

Susanna Arntzz